Every client has their own personal dream, to create an occasion truly their own. The Gathering Meadow offers a bespoke service providing  unique displays of abundant, seasonal, naturally grown flowers specifically tailored  to them, the venue and their celebration.

If you are looking for something different to mainstream florist services, a more natural look and feel, then give all your senses and sensibilities a treat with flowers from the Gathering Meadow.

I offer a year round single bunch or bouquet service for a gift or heartfelt thank-you. Your flowers will be picked fresh that day and presented simply in paper, wrapped ready for giving.

About Dawn

Arriving here at the Gathering Meadow Totnes has been a near full circle journey in many ways. I come from an agricultural background here in the South Hams where I must have learned to love living and working in our familiar landscapes. When I moved to London to study Fine Art and Sculpture I took the colours and shapes with me and returned to them with a Masters Degree in Public Art and Design, from the Chelsea School of Art. Now I’m using all the knowledge I learned there to inform the work I do with the flowers I produce. Growing plants is a passion for me and showing them off to best advantage, a talent I celebrate.

Like lots of people who have done raising a family, I have turned that nurturing side of myself, and employed those skills in raising things towards creating a beautiful garden. And what’s great about that is that, in it I have something I can share. Now I have built up a business in which I can be part of peoples celebrations by contributing the most joyous element-the flowers.






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  1. lisa heffer
    lisa heffer June 20, 2012 at 9:14 pm · Reply

    hey Dawn

    Very long time no chat and much water under the bridge. This feels almost sinister! I am still in joburg and freezing at the moment as we are in mid winter.
    How are you? i see you are a beekeeper, this does seem in character for you!
    Its amazing what half an hours googling can do and i recognised you instantly from your photo, you haven’t changed much at all. I’m afraid youth has now passed me by, but i can’t say i ever had any particular use for it. It would be nice to catch up with you and i hope to hear from you. Lisa xxx

  2. lisa heffer
    lisa heffer July 10, 2012 at 4:22 pm · Reply

    well hello – sorry i didn’t see your response as i wasn’t monitoring your webpage – do me a favour and send me an email at lisahrc@gmail.com and i will send pics and other stuff. xxx

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