Natural Flowers

20 years ago 90% of the flowers we bought were grown in the U.K. Today 90% are imported from places as far away as Africa, Australia and South America.

When you choose my naturally grown flowers for your celebration you will be sharing displays which sing with abundance and beauty.

The foliage and flowers I use are all grown without chemicals and with much effort put into building the health of the soil from which they are raised. As a result each stem loses none of its scent or colour to unnecessary intervention and radiates its own light as nature intended.

Only flowers in season are available which means that every vaseful sings out with wild unfettered beauty.

I don’t use cellophane, oasis or plastic ribbons. All of my plots are managed giving the utmost respect for the micro plant and animal life below ground as well as those above. Plants are chosen for their attractiveness to our pollinating insects as I also keep my own bees.


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